Beyond a change of home, living on the coast, a change of lifestyle!

Living on the coast can bring much more than just a simple acquisition of goods, we must also take into account some factors that the simple fact of living in a coastal city gives us, since it is not simply a world, we must bear in mind that This action in a way is a great change in our daily life, having to add multiple new tasks to the daily job and making some changes in our lifestyle, taking into account that now we have a plus. Imagine you wake up on Monday. Everyone hates Mondays, right? But, unlike everyone else, you have the possibility of going out for a run by the sea, with the sea breeze in your lungs and the sound of the waves in the background. That’s a different way to start the week, don’t you think?

Living near the sea offers you a whole new field of possibilities. New hobbies that you wouldn’t have access to elsewhere. Why not take up surf lessons again? Maybe take it a step further and learn windsurfing. Do not put yourself limits, try all the activities that you can only do on the beach.

But in the field of health we have some changes for us too, by prescribing a visit to the coast to treat different ailments. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom shows that, even setting factors such as age and economic aspects aside, people who live close to the sea remain much healthier than those who live far from the coast. found that enjoying the sea increases dopamine levels in the brain naturally. These hormones have the ability to make us feel good, so living on the coast and having contact with the ocean will influence your daily mood and level of happiness.

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